Tenchi Muyo! - Kiyone Makibi

Kiyone is probably one of the most underrated characters in the Tenchi "family" - maybe it's because she's the most "normal" one of the crew, and the\authors just use her as an extra. (I'd say Sasami's normal, but she's half tree-ship, and as for Mihoshi, she is sometimes too dumb to be true -- but people like those exist anyway). In any case, one must admit though that Kiyone is pretty cute, and does have quite a few funny moments. This is her moment in the spotlight.

Kiyone Makibi's Stats

                         Age : 23
                  Blood Type : A
                      Height : 174cm
          Three measurements : B88 W65 H90

                     Hobbies : Fishing

As you may see, there's a shortage on stats on Kiyone, anyone with any more stats on Kiyone, PLEASE email me!

The Kiyone Image Gallery

Picture of Yuri Amano

Kiyone's seiyuu (voice actor), Yuri Amano

Image of Kiyone and Mihoshi singing

The Kiyone Karaoke Club

In the words of Stuart Stanfield : Kiyone's Karaoke Club - just what is it? Well, it's basically just a list of names, but I was hoping fans of Kiyone would come together and maybe produce a fanfic or something based around her. Also, I could set up a mailing list, where we can throw around ideas and new piccies or whatever of Kiyone, and maybe talk about Yuri Amano as well. I guess kinda like the Skuld ML in that we only talk about things related to Kiyone.

If you need more details, please contact Stuart Stanfield at StuartS@green5.demon.co.uk.

Thanks to Mark Craven for making available her stats ftom the Anime V Special Gakken Mook

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